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As our site name suggests, we’re all about getting you the best odds on all the major sporting events. Our main focus is the amazing enhanced odds betting offers that many of the top online betting sites now focus on instead of the traditional free bets – although we have plenty of those too!

Whilst the very best enhanced odds promotions tend to be for the biggest tournaments and competitions, we’ll also help you find the best odds and price boosts for lesser sports and events too, as well as for any political or entertainment bets and specials that arise.

You can see a range of the latest betting offers we’ve detailed below so if you’re looking to bet on an upcoming event and want to get the very best odds available be sure to check out the relevant article, whilst we have hubs dedicated to the best odds on football, as well as other key betting sports like racing, golf and tennis.

Get The Best Odds, Make The Most Money!

As said, our aim here at BestOddsOn is very simple – to help you find the best available odds on whatever you want to bet on. Many recreational gamblers may just use one or two betting sites for all of their bets but in doing this you will really miss out. Bookies have different odds and they can differ by quite a margin – perhaps 20% or more.

That means that if you would win £100 at one bookie, you might have been able to win £120 had you got the best odds available. £20 is not to be sniffed at for sure, but if you think of how much money you might be throwing away over the course of a year, it’s easy to see why joining several bookies makes sense – and that’s before you even factor in that each betting site will have a free bet, an enhanced odds promotion or both when you first join.

Value betting is central to making a profit from your bets and getting the best odds is a large part of that. Enhanced odds promotions, where, for example, instead of 2/1 you might get 10/1, just about guarantee you are getting a value bet and with many of these welcome offers also including a free bet element – either as a money back refund if you lose or as part of a bet bundle – they really are hard to beat and have proved incredibly popular with punters.

You might ask why bookies offer these crazy enhanced odds and the answer is simple: it’s good marketing. If a bookie calculates the normal betting odds on a selection are, say, evens, and they offer 4/1, they KNOW they are going to lose money in the long term. But that money effectively comes out of the marketing budget and as well as gaining the betting site lots of new customers, it will get their name and brand out to many more.

What Are The Best Odds On…

Many people may think they can avoid the hassle of checking different bookies simply by using a betting exchange and whilst it’s true that betting exchanges may well have better odds some of the time, even the exchanges cannot compete with the enhanced odds the best betting sites now offer new customers.

So, next time you catch yourself thinking, “I wonder what the best odds on…” – you know where to come for the:

  • Best odds on football – from the Premier League to La Liga and the Champions League to the World Cup, we’ll have all the best enhanced odds football offers right here.
  • Best odds on racing – if the horses are your thing then look forward to loads of great offers on the likes of Cheltenham, the Grand National, the Derby and the Royal Ascot festival, with odds enhancements galore for these massive events.
  • Best golf odds – the four Majors and lots of other big tournaments usually see the bookies bring out excellent betting offers and they’ll all be right here.
  • Tennis enhanced odds – as with golf, expect some huge odds on the Grand Slams and some other key events.
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