Racing Betting Guide: Offers, Markets and Tips

The wonderful world of horse racing. If ever there was a sport designed with gambling in mind, then surely this is it. From the frenetic sprint for the line in the 5f events to final fence drama in the big chase contests, horse racing offers excitement in spades. Of course it’s all that little bit more exciting when you’ve had a bet on it and all of the top betting sites cover racing in great depth, with competitive odds and lots of free bets. Here we take a look at some of the most popular types of bet and provide a little insight into the all-important search for a winner, as well as helping you find the very best bets and highlighting all of the latest golf offers, promotions and enhnaced odds offers.

Top Five Horse Racing Betting Markets and Example Odds

  1. To Win – Here you are simply betting on your selection to win the race. Odds to expect can be anything from as short as 1/10 or very occasionally even shorter, all the way out to 200/1 or more. In truth it is very rare indeed to see a winner at anything bigger than 100/1, although there have been a number of Grand national winners at such huge odds.
  2. Each Way – This is effectively two separate bets on the same horse. The first bet is on the horse to win as explained above, the second is on the horse to be placed. It is important to remember this when you are staking your bet as a £1 each way bet will cost £2 in total. Place terms vary depending on the number of runners and the type of race. These terms will always be expressed as either 1/4 odds or 1/5 odds. E.g. say you have £1 each way on an 8/1 shot in a race offering 1/4 odds the first three, this is really one bet on the horse to win at 8/1 and a separate bet on the horse to finish in the first three at 2/1. (1/4 of 8/1 = 2/1).
  3. Multiples – The simplest form of a multiple bet is a double. This is a bet on two horses to win different races. Should the first horse win, all returns will then go on to the second runner e.g. you place a £10 double on Horse A at 3/1 and Horse B at 5/1, should Horse A win, the returns of £40 will all roll on to horse B. A treble follows exactly the same process but features three horses, a fourfold features four and so on. One of the most popular multiple bets is a Lucky 15, in which four selections are combined in six doubles, four trebles, one fourfold plus four singles. Multiple bets such as this are a popular option as they offer the prospect of some return for one winner, whilst still maintaining the potential for a really big win should all of your selections come in.
  4. Forecast/Tricast – A forecast bet gives the opportunity to predict the first and second in a race. If placing a straight forecast, you must name the first and second in the correct order. A reverse forecast gives a little more room for manoeuvre, as long as your two selections are the first two home, it doesn’t matter in which order they cross the line. In a tricast bet you must predict the first, second and third. As you might imagine, the rewards for both forecast and tricast bets can be very large. The exact returns are calculated using a rather complicated mathematical formula but you can expect rich rewards, particularly if your forecast or tricast includes one or two bigger priced runners.
  5. Match Bet – This is a head to head battle between two runners in the same race. The compilers will generally try and select two relatively evenly matched horses so don’t expect any massive odds here. A range of 1/3 to 2/1 would cover the vast majority of match bets on offer. The good thing with this bet is that you may be a winner no matter where your selection finishes, so long as it is at least one place ahead of the other runner named in the match bet.

Horse Racing Betting Guide and Tips

So now you know the most popular types of bet on offer and the likely range of odds, we now come to the most important bit of all, choosing which horses to bet on. Let’s take a look at a few of the key factors that may help point us towards a winner.

The Course: From long galloping straights to twisting undulations, the diversity of tracks in Britain is greater than anywhere else in the world. Many horses go well at certain tracks and poorly at others. Good course form is always a huge plus.

Distance: With flat races ranging from 5f to 2m+ and jumps races from 2m to more than four miles, the majority of runners have an optimum race distance. Steer clear of horses who have repeatedly shown they don’t have the speed for the shorter distances and likewise those who have failed to stay over the longer trips in the past.

Going: Due to their differing running actions, many horses have a marked preference for certain underfoot conditions. If a horse has shown that it hates soft or firm conditions in the past, there is no reason to believe it will suddenly start liking them now. Stick to those runners who have shown they can go on the ground expected and be aware of the weather forecast.

Trainer Form: Winners from a yard have a tendency to come in bursts rather than as a steady stream throughout the year. Steer clear of trainers who are without a recent winner and pay close attention to those who are beginning to consistently fill the win and place positions.

Using the above criteria should help you on your way to unearthing a winner or two, your next task is to be sure to obtain the best value about your selection. With so much competition online now, there can often be a quite substantial difference between the best and worst price on offer about a particular runner. Obviously you want to be taking the best price so be sure to shop around prior to placing your bets. Thankfully this is now easier than ever to do, with different odds available online, rather than having to walk from shop to shop as in the past! Our key race features will always highlight the best odds and best enhanced odds offers and we would also always recommend sticking to those bookmakers who offer Best Odds Guaranteed to make sure you never miss out on a bigger price.

Good Luck!

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