Tennis Betting Guide: Offers, Markets and Tips

Tennis is a truly global sport, with the top stars travelling thousands of miles every year to play in destinations all over the world. The Grand Slams are played on three continents, with plenty of top tournaments in Asia and South America and the occasional trip to Africa meaning that just about every continent is covered.

With such global interest there is huge money in tennis and huge betting interest too as tennis is one of the biggest sports when it comes to bookmaker coverage.

Tennis lends itself really well to in-play betting and the best online bookmakers are offering more and more live streaming of tennis, making betting on this captivating sport even more fun.

Top Five Tennis Markets and Odds

  1. Match Winner – the most common and probably the simplest tennis bet to make is just a straight bet on who will win a given match. Given this is always a two horse race you will not usually get huge odds on a player, although in the early rounds of a Grand Slam you may see the likes of Serena Williams or Novak Djokovic heavily odds-on, with their opponents out at a price of 20/1 or even greater.
  2. Outright Betting – the next popular bet to make in tennis is probably an outright tournament winner bet. Tennis is almost a year round sport, so there is virtually always at least one and probably two or more tournaments on which to bet at any one time. Backing a favourite will normally see odds of between 2/1 and 6/1 but it’s not uncommon for outsiders to win trophies at long odds, especially in the women’s game, with each way bets worth thinking about.
  3. Set Betting – a bit like a correct score bet in football, set betting allows you to make a more precise prediction about a match and get rewarded with longer odds. So, whilst a favourite might not offer any value at odds of 1/4 to win the match, you may feel a bet on them to win 3-0 is worth a punt at longer odds of 29/20 for example.
  4. Games Handicap – in a games handicap bet you are wagering on the total number of games each player will win in the match, with a handicap given in advantage of one player and with both players usually offered at odds around the evens mark.
  5. In-Play Betting – as said, in-play betting is huge in tennis with all the best betting sites having a range of in-play markets, odds and stats on even the least significant of matches. Momentum in tennis can change very quickly, with huge swings in the odds occurring point by point, making for a very good chance for some quick profits if you predict how and when the swings will take place.

Tennis Betting Guide and Tips

Betting on tennis is in many ways just like betting on anything else. Comparing the odds on your bets with the probability of them winning to ascertain whether or not they offer value is key to your success.

Also, as with all bets, getting the best odds possible, as well as using free bets and/or enhanced odds offers and other promotions is one easy way to increase the chances of you making a profit.

Betting on tennis is different to betting on other sports in some ways though, with factors such as the different surfaces to consider, whilst form and head to head records can have more impact on tennis than it does in certain other sports. This means you may find good value on an underdog if the market has not accounted for these factors sufficiently.

Rules to Note Betting on Tennis

There are no real issues with betting on tennis but one rule that may catch you out is the minimum amount of play needed for a bet to stand in the event of injury. This varies from a ball being served, through to one set having been completed, through to the entire match having been played. Withdrawls are relatively uncommon, especially in the big tournaments with the top players, but even so it’s good to know whether your bet will stand or be voided.

The only other major thing to be aware of is that each way bets are almost always paid at half the normal odds with the place terms being that your bet wins if your chosen player makes the final.

Details of promotions and bonuses and betting odds quoted are correct at the time of publishing and are subject to change. 18+ Gamble Responsibly.